Facility Rental Include the Following:

Venue 481’s Facilities

All Venue 481 buildings (Rustic Red Barn, Lodge-style Event Center, Vintage Saw Mill, White Gazebo,  Romantic Arched Bridge, and the new Waterfront are yours to utilize as you wish.

14-hour Rental Usage

Venue 481 gates open promptly at 9 a.m. for your decorating crew to add your unique touch. You and your guests are welcome to dance the night away until 11 p.m.!

Tables and Chairs

All tables and chairs are included when hosting your next event at Venue 481. However, we do offer additional items that can help you save time, money and reduces stress.  

Wedding Rehearsal

To ensure your wedding ceremony runs smoothly, a one-hour rehearsal is scheduled the week leading up to your big day. 

Table Decorations

That is right, you are welcome to utilize our table decorations at your next event at Venue 481.  From rustic to elegant, we have you covered. 

(Quantity & style vary and availability not guaranteed)

On-site Facility Coordinator

We are dedicated to ensuring your day runs smoothly and with over 25 years of event management, we have your back.