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Vintage saw mill decorations

Save time, money and stress, just rent!

As a reminder, all tables and chairs are included when hosting your next event at Venue 481. However, we do offer additional items that can help you save time, money and stress. These include the following: 

  • Sheer curtains & drapes
  • Tablecloths 
  • Custom lighting
  • Up-lighting & dance floor lighting
  • Custom designed decorations/props

There is no need to spend your time searching, buying, storing and lugging these items to Venue 481 on the day of your event. Let us help! 


Sheer Curtains & Drapes

Outdoor wedding is just one of Venue 481's options

Rustic Red Barn Sheer Package: $600

Package includes:

Overhead sheers

Entrance sheers

Pasture view window sheer

Event Center Sheer Package: $300

Package includes:

Sheers with white lights behind sweetheart table

Sheers with white lights behind cake table

Outdoor Trellis Backdrop $400

 (Designed to your specifications)


Tablecloths with rustic centerpieces and floral arrangement

Tablecloths: $10 (per table)

Colors available:








(Click here for color examples) 

Custom Lighting

Vintage lights

Chandeliers: Starting at $50 (per fixture)

Available styles:


Modern craftsman

Rustic farm


Custom designed


Hanging Edison Lights: $50 (per fixture)
(450 ft available)

Vintage/Industrial style

Fully dimmable LED

For use in the following areas:

Red Rustic Barn

Lodge-style Event Center

Up-lighting & Dance Floor Lighting

Up-lighting example with wedding rings & heart projection

Up-lighting: $25 (per fixture)

Multicolored LED light

Lighting controller

20 available

Dance Floor Lighting: $250 

- Lodge-style Event Center Use -

4, Mirror ball look effect lights

2, Multicolored moving lights 

8, Multi-colored spot lights

1, Lighting controller

Tables & Chairs

Decorated chair in Rustic Red Barn at Venue 481

Tall Round Cocktail Table: $8 (per) 

30-inch round

Industrial metal look

Fully adjustable (24 - 48" height)

6 available

Garden Chair: $1 (per)

White plastic chairs

225lbs capacity

Outside use only

160 available

BARnado & Custom Projects

Venue 481's BAR-nado is ready for rental and is a great option to house alcohol

Venue 481's BARnado: $500 / $800 (off-site)
(Does not include alcohol or bar service)

Great as an outdoor bar!

Rustic Red exterior

6' serving bar/table included

2, Cocktail tables included

Hanging Edison bulbs inside

Size: 10' X 10' X 14' height

Contact us today and let's build something special that makes your event uniquely yours!